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How to get a quote from MTM

Please fill out the Request For Quote (FRQ) form by clicking on it. Another easy way to get a quote from MTM is to print the page of the box you want and fax it to MTM.  Our 24 hour fax will have it to us at the start of the day if your request is sent after office hours. MTM office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday Eastern Standard time. 

     MTM Molded Products Company Custom Molding Division has a complete design and in-house tooling operations.

      Pre-production planning can often be the most important part of any injection molding process. Working with you, we can assist you with material selection and tool design to help avoid unnecessary expense both now and later. We utilize CAD/CAM technology for speed and accuracy.

     Submit your RFQ to us today, and let MTM become a member of your team

Phone: (937)890-7376

Request For Quote (FRQ) form Click On

24 Hour Fax: (937)890-1747

   Mail:  MTM Molded Products Co.
             Custom Molding Division
             3369 Obco Court
             Dayton, Ohio 45414

   If you prefer to email us! Please tell us what box or case, color and quantities of boxes you are looking for.  We will also need your name, address, email and phone number. The minimum quantity runs are determined by the box (anywhere from 500 to 2000).

         Email:  Custom Box Please!

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